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Effect of a love fence

If the love spell is executed correctly, it shows its specific effect. But it can also develop in a completely different direction. In white magic, the wisdom of the universe makes a decision. If two people do not match each other, the fulfillment of the wish takes place in a different way, which leads ultimately to what really makes you happy. In Black Magic, a love ritual manipulates or breaks the will of a person and forces him to turn to another. If you want to use a love spell, you should only have positive reasons. Depending on the situation, Liebesmagie helps:

    Finding the true love
    Partner return: return a lost lover
    Partner merging: find the desired partner
    Optimization of broadcasting
    Ending a partnership / separation spell

Rituals in the love magic

If a spell is performed for love, different rituals can be used. Candles, herbs, oils, talismans and occult objects serve as aids. For example, phallus-like candles, musk oils and satins are used for a passion. The Moonmagie is also used in a love spell. There are light rituals that are accompanied by a simple spell, and complex rituals that are tailored to the individual situation. The Wicca Love Charm is one of the most famous rituals. A magic bag is filled with ingredients such as rose petals, patchouli oil and iris roots. Love magic rituals require an accurate preparation. Experienced witches or esoterics also include the lunar stand or the place in their activity.
How to make love magic yourself?

On the Internet, you will be able to see a lot of love charms that you can make yourself. In theory, everything sounds great, but there is more behind it. If you perform a love spell in self-government, you have to expect that nothing will happen or that unplanned events will occur. On the web or in books, you will find many spells that come off the rails and are rather impersonal. It is primarily about what you want to achieve - a partner return or a combination with a desired partner.

Contact a qualified magician or a witch who knows how to use the energies properly. Liebesmagier, for example, carry additional protective charms, so that neither you nor the object of the desire is harmed. In order to perform an effective love spell, it requires extensive magical knowledge. The performer must have mental powers and the ability to visualize. Spiritual gifts, which deepen in the course of life, are of decisive importance in the execution of a love ritual. An effective love-charm also always opens the way to your inner being [source: psychic reading uk]

A partner reunion can help fortunate couples again, a partnering together increases the chances to finally find the great love. Love Charms in White Magic rely on the forces of nature and space. White magical love rituals can kite broken relationships or bring the wish partner into life. They are oriented on the stream of the positive. If you are skeptical and do not have confidence in the magic, you should look for other solutions. In white magic, all negative thoughts and feelings can hinder a love ritual. The magician uses the positive energies of a person to effect the manifestation of the love fountain.

In the Black Voodoo Magic, the will of the separate partner or the desire partner plays no role. If the beloved person is in a new relationship, the Black Magic has no problems to destroy this partnership and eliminate the feelings. In the case of a black magic love charm, a need is created that compels the one who is wishing to do the desired thing. In Black Voodoo magic, often successful results are achieved, but they are based on manipulation and influence of free will. You should therefore carefully consider whether you have a black magic charm performed. A serious magician or esoteric will generally advise you of such rituals.

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